Big Cabin Travel Plaza, food, fuel, showers and truck stop

The Woodshed


The Woodshed has 7 locations in Kansas and Oklahoma.


Adair Woodshed Conveinence Store
Adair, Oklahoma

Adair, Oklahoma (the gateway to Lake Hudson) became the site of the fourth Woodshed in August of 2007.  This location continues the proud traditions that have become a trademark of all Woodshed locations.  The friendly staff will help you find all of your necessary supplies for a weekend lake excursion.

The Woodshed III is located at 309 S. Mayes in Adair, Oklahoma.

Phone: 918•785•2620


Big Cabin Travel Plaza,  Woodshed Conveinence Store
Big Cabin Travel Plaza, Big Cabin, Oklahoma

The Big Cabin Travel Plaza was acquired by Rick Wood on May 16th, 2012 making it our newest location. The outside fascia has been changed and the inside has been remodeled with brighter colors and better products. We are a Full Service Truck Stop who is sanctioned by AmBest and we have Cat Scales for your convenience. The Cherokee restaurant serves great food that is sure to satisfy any traveler. We also cater to truckers with our generous supply of truck accessories and other necessities. Showers, a game room and a tv room are also provided to our trucker friends.

The Woodshed VII

Phone:  918•783•5121


Buffalo Ranch Woodshed Conveinence Store
Buffalo Ranch, Oklahoma

In September of 2004, Rick Wood opened his third Woodshed store at the former home of the Buffalo Ranch (a popular historic Route 66 attraction).  Once again, the Buffalo Ranch location combines a family friendly atmosphere, quality products and services, and a friendly staff to meet your travel needs in the Grand Lake area.

Phone:  918•257•4368

Edna Kansas Woodshed Conveinence Store
Edna, Kansas

Starting at an early age, owner Rick Wood began working in his parents’ gas station in Cedar Hill, Texas.  The experience gained during his youth, inspired Rick to open the original Woodshed location in Edna, Kansas in the fall of 1996.

The Edna location was built on the foundations that have become a trademark for the rest of the Woodshed stores:  a family friendly atmosphere, quality products and services, and a friendly staff.

The Woodshed is located at the corner of US Hwy 166/4000 RD and Delaware St. in Edna, Kansas.

Phone:  620•922•7252


Monkey Island Woodshed Conveinence Store
Monkey Island, Oklahoma

Our Monkey Island location opened in February of 2009. It is located outside of Afton, Oklahoma.  Continuing the proud traditions and high expectations established at the previous Woodshed locations, the Monkey Island store near the shores of beautiful Grand Lake is equipped to meet all of your weekend lake excursion needs. Unique to this location is a liquor store.

The Woodshed V is located at the junction of Oklahoma Highway 125 and Oklahoma Highway 85A outside of Afton, Oklahoma.

Phone: 918•257•8805

South Coffeyville Woodshed Conveinence Store
South Coffeyville, Oklahoma

The Woodshed II opened in July of 2003.  Continuing the tradition that started with the original Woodshed, the Woodshed II brings a family friendly atmosphere, quality products and services, and a friendly staff to northeast Oklahoma.  Unique to this location is an automatic car wash.

The Woodshed II is located at 124 S. Willow in South Coffeyville, Oklahoma and offers 24 hour service.

Phone:  918•255•6111


Vinita Oklahoma Woodshed Conveinence Store
Vinita, Oklahoma

In April of 2008, the fifth Woodshed opened in Vinita, Oklahoma.  Serving the gateway to Green Country, customers will experience a family friendly atmosphere, quality products and services, and a friendly staff that have become a trademark of all Woodshed locations.

The Woodshed IV is located at 111 N. 1st St in Vinita, Oklahoma.

Phone:  918•256•9868






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